English Weekends

Treasure Hunters

Tired of studying in small boring classrooms?

Let's join us at an unforgettable weekend - Holiday for kids and parents.

One exciting day. Foreign teachers. Lots of games and adventure. Amazing prizes.
Learn English in the real life, complete quests, compete with other teams and win valueable prizes.

What is this?

English Weekend is an adventurous event which is held for a whole day for kids and their parents. We travel to one of the most natural and beautiful parks to spend our exciting day with lots of fun and benefits such as knowledge and interesting prizes. We have to use our english skills to communicate with our foreign leader, complete multiple quests, discover new things, and search for treasure. Any kids and parents may participate.

What we will do?

Play games and enjoy multiple outdoor activities
It will help us rest after a hard week studying.

Practice your English with foreigners
This time we have to challenge our English skills to fulfill our tasks and compete with the others.

Find REAL treasure
After completing our quests and discovering ancient mysteries we will be able to find real gems. Each of them holds special powers. You can keep these gems and take themm home :) But don't tell anybody.

English weekend is a wonderful chance to bring the diversity of life into learning process, combine it with your vacation to have healthy and active lifestyle with useful English skills.

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