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What is ICLP?

ICLP (International Cooperative Learning Program) is an international program which connects people from different countries to help them in their learning process as well as building new international relationships.

How does it work?

The idea of ICLP is quite simple. ICLP connects two different groups of students from two different countries in one educational process. Learning takes place in the class in the form of a video-conference with the support from a qualified teacher. During this educational process, students from two different countries have to fulfill their tasks together. Education with ICLP brings lots of advantages compared to traditional learning:

1) Break communication border. 

2) Real communication with real foreigners. Unlike traditional classes, with ICLP students applying their knowledge right away.

3) Teamwork experience. Students learn to fullfill their tasks in the international team.

4) Natural learning. It's not boring anymore since students are not just taught passively, they actually take part in their learning by talking with their new friends and get new experience from each other.

5) Discover the world and find new friends

Real communication

Break borders


Discovering the world


The length of the program is 1 month. Students will meet their foreign friend 4 times.

  • First lesson, they will learn about their partners (family, friends, interests, etc.)
  • The next two lessons, they will discuss and plan their international project (Open a restaurant, cafe or plan a trip in their country, etc. ). The difficulty of the project will depend on students' English level.
  • Last lesson, students will present their project.

Students' work will be evaluated, they will receive a certificate with their results.

For schools

ICLP helps:

1) Increase diversity of services and profit for schools or language centers
2) Schools to be integrated in the international educational network
3) Schools achieve much higher standards of education

Contact with us and join your school to International Cooperative Learning Program today.

For parents

Everybody knows that there is no better way to learn the language than working with foreigners. We know that many students study English many years, but they are not able to speak to foreigners after that. On the other hand, some people learn the language only in few months if they are surrounded by foreigners, they will be able to speak the language. ICLP brings to your children the best education which focuses on practical knowledge. You can be sure, they learn and apply it it right away.


1) Gives students clear motivation to study
2) Gives the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice
3) Helps to consume the language 20 times faster


In the end of the course you will get ICLP certificate. Certificate shows your results and evaluates your achievements during your participation and performance in the program.

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